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3 is a part 7 is a part 10 is the whole.

I know 10 is the whole because it is the biggest number.

A part must always be smaller than a whole.

Year 1

" We talk more in Maths now and we work together to make our answers more accurate."

Year 5

What secrets can you tell me about multiples of 10?

They always have 0 more ones.

Does 4 + 4 = 9?

"An even number + and even number is not an odd, so it can't be right!"  Year 2 

I have noticed that multiplying does not always give a higher value.

Year 6: Fractions

We make 'marvellous' mistakes in Maths to help us improve in our understanding. 

Look at what we can do...

Have a look at the school blog, for more of our amazing learning!

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